Diversified services.
Striving to provide language services with professionalism and accuracy.
With more than 15 years of experience, Lorena Pike has the skills to assist you in all your translation needs. She can provide you and your business with translations into/from English and Spanish. Lorena is also a Nevada & California Certified Court Interpreter providing interpreting services to individuals and companies nationwide and worldwide.


Vicios del lenguaje

Learn some misuses and wrong expressions of the Spanish language in this fun and engaging live webinar! Earn 4 CIMCE/CEUs.

Mexican Super Slang!

A four-hour live webinar full of fun and new Spanish slang terms you probably have never heard of!

Four-hour ProfDev Webinar

Workshop on Spanish everyday terms used in different regions, such as Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

EN-ES Legal & Admin Translation

A four-week workshop targeted to translators wishing to have a better understanding of legal documents translation from and into English/Spanish.

Medical Terminology for Interpreters

Prepare for either national medical interpreter certification exam with this language-neutral workshop with some language-specific practice and vocabulary.

Sight Translation & Consecutive

Eight-module workshop, taught in English and Spanish, covers theory, consecutive interpreting and note-taking skills development, and interpretation pitfalls.

Test Prep Orientation

Join Professor Pike for a test prep orientation live Zoom session, where she will explain the steps needed to take the state exam for court interpreter and the national exam for medical interpreters.

EN-ES Translation Course

Learn translation theory and apply it on all your translations! This course will cover different “genres” of translation to equip you with the skills to properly convey your source message into the target language.

Interpreter Training

Well-known speaker/presenter at regional and national conferences, with extensive training experience in community & court interpreting, cultural competence, and specialized terminology.


Specializing in contracts, agreements, real estate, finance, auditing, accounting, and corporate law. Certified translations and DTP translations.

Conference Interpreting

Interpreting in consecutive and simultaneous modes for every type of setting and event. Striving to perform with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality.


Video and audio recordings to be presented as evidence, following NAJIT’s general guidelines and minimum requirements for transcript translation in any legal setting.

Community Interpreter International

The Community Interpreter® International (TCII) promotes national ethics and standards of practice in the field and can prepare interpreters to take national medical interpreter certification exams.

Web Design & Localization

Using the latest trends in website design and training clients to do self-maintenance. Adaptation of fully designed websites into the language and culture of an specific country.

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