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Description This four-week workshop is targeted to translators wishing to have a better understanding of legal documents translation from and into English/Spanish. Emphasis will be placed on Spanish for Mexico and Spain and English for the US. Objectives Participants will learn (i) the differences between common law and civil law, the difference in Spanish-speaking and Continue reading “Legal & Administrative Translation (English/Spanish)” »

Description This workshop is dedicated to setting up and utilizing the general features of Interpretbank, a comprehensive terminology management tool. Participants will engage in practical exercises focusing on the creation and usage of glossaries within the platform, emphasizing key features such as speech recognition, translation suggestions, fast search, automatic term extraction, automatic glossary creation, memorization, Continue reading “AI-based Software for Interpreters: Terminology Extraction and Management” »

Welcome to July Language Lab: Empowering Interpreters for Cultural Fluency and Ethical Practice, your gateway to professional development in legal interpretation. Our courses offer tailored solutions to enhance language proficiency, legal understanding, and cultural competence. Join us and excel as a trusted bridge between languages and cultures.

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Take advantage of Community Interpreter International and become a community interpreter today. Complement ths course with an additional 12 hour medical interpreting training and be ready to take the national certification exam. After passing the exam you can work in any of the 50 states with your certification. Our training is interactive, resourceful, high energy with some individual work and group activities. Taught by a licensed professional who holds a Masters Degree and has 20 years of interpreting/translating experience in education, medical/healthcare, legal, court, mental health and worker’s comp.

Course Outline Description: This comprehensive training session is dedicated to equipping participants with the foundational skills required to effectively set up and utilize Wordfast Pro, version 5.19 or higher. The course will focus on hands-on exercises to create and manage glossaries and translation memories, along with other essential resources. It is designed for translators and Continue reading “Wordfast Pro – The Basics” »

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Course Description: This eight-module workshop, taught in English and Spanish, covers theory, consecutive interpreting and note-taking skills development, as well as interpretation pitfalls. The second part of the course includes sight translation skill-building techniques and a good amount of practice.  Diversified materials are used to expose students to different settings, namely social services, education, legal, Continue reading “Sight Translation and Consecutive Interpreting” »