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Sight Translation and Consecutive Interpreting

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Course Description:

This eight-module workshop, taught in English and Spanish, covers theory, consecutive interpreting and note-taking skills development, as well as interpretation pitfalls. The second part of the course includes sight translation skill-building techniques and a good amount of practice.  Diversified materials are used to expose students to different settings, namely social services, education, legal, and medical.

Instructional Methodology

Class meets three hours per week for lectures and practice. Participants will have access to online platform where assignments, discussions, and other practice activities will be posted. Instructor feedback will be provided for consecutive and sight translation renderings.

Contact hours: 24.00
Out of class hours: 6.00

Class objectives:

  • Interpret proceedings, interviews or medical appointments in the consecutive mode applying advanced note-taking skills.
  • Reformulate the source message in the target language to render an idiomatic and natural interpretation
  • Use note-taking skills when appropriate
  • Interpret in the consecutive mode without note-taking by using:
    • Chunking
    • Narrative prompts
    • Visual prompts
    • Structural and logical prompts
  • Perform sight translation of varied materials from English and into Spanish


Module I – Posture and delivery for consecutive interpreting & Consecutive from memory
Module II – Text analysis & Note-taking
Module III – Reformulation
Module IV – Protocol & digitally assisted consecutive mode
Module V – Sight translation skill building techniques
Module VI – Sight translation skills practice (summarization, active, reading, units of meaning, textual analysis)
Module VII – Interpretation pitfalls
Module VIII – Practice consecutive mode and sight translation

Instructor: Lorena Pike, MA, CCI

NV, CA, CCHI, and ATA pending approval. 

  • August Session
     August 8, 2024 - September 26, 2024
     6:00 pm
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