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Translation & Interpreting Training Services

Legal & Admin Translation

Instructor: Lorena Pike, MA, CCI

Live online class: Wednesdays from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm Pacific Time (Zoom link will be provided after registration is completed)

Instructional hours (Instructor-led): 12 hrs

Non-instructional (non-instructor led) hours: 8 hrs


This four-week workshop is targeted to translators wishing to have a better understanding of legal documents translation from and into English/Spanish. Emphasis will be placed on Spanish for Mexico and Spain and English for the US.


Participants will learn:

  • the differences between common law and civil law, the difference in Spanish-speaking and English-speaking countries legal systems,
  • (ii) the proper Spanish/English translation of difficult concepts,
  • (iii) how to avoid the use of false cognates and semantic calques, and
  • (iv) how to compensate for English and Spanish terminology not used in contracts geared for the target audience.

The workshop is divided into two sections:

  1. Non-instructor-led modules with theoretical framework of legal and administrative translation to read and work on your own (but needed to understand the translation practice during live classes and to complete before or after live class).

Producing a translation & Translation Techniques (Complete before first class)

Characteristics of Legal Texts in English and Spanish (Complete after 2nd lesson)

2. Instructor-led modules with information to reinforce what’s learned in class, quizzes and assignments (to complete before next live class)

Conceptual Framework I (Complete after 3rd lesson)

Hands-on Translation of Contracts (Complete after 4th lesson)

Hand-on Translation of Admin Docs (Complete after 5th lesson)


Books and Dictionaries

The following bibliography has been used to develop this workshop. It is recommended to obtain at least one the following to guide your translations after this course:

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