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About Us


We bring value innovation and growth to your business

We are a women-owned, minority-owned, small business based in Las Vegas, NV providing professional translation services to worldwide businesses of any kind, from Real Estate, Mortgage to Translation Agencies, Retail, Marketing, e-commerce, and many more.

about_image_1Our Mission

Exe Translations & Interpreting strives to deliver the best services available in the market by ensuring high-quality, while providing a fast turnaround. In addition, the interpreting services offered are geared to ensure accuracy, completeness and cultural adequacy.o provide premium services to individuals and corporations in all the economic sectors by delivering culturally-sensitive documents, presentations and texts which will convey the exact message intended on the original document.

Strong ethics and confidentiality policies, sense of service and hard work, all are the main characteristics that identify the company. The experience and knowledge on many topics assure successful projects with the utmost quality and accuracy.

What makes us different

We help you overcome the language barrier

A good translator will work with you in order to get the best final text in the target language —one that is culturally sensitive, error-free and conveys the same message as in the original language.

Translation requires having excellent writing skills in the target language, as well as advanced command of the source language. These skills can be only polished through years of practice and experience, plus the unique gift of writing. It also demands expertise in the subject matter to be translated —this is the reason why a machine translation or translation software will not produce a good translation.