Vicios del lenguaje

Learn some misuses and wrong expressions of the Spanish language in this fun and engaging live webinar! Earn 4 CIMCE/CEUs.


The spoken language could feature mistakes on words, phrases, and expressions due to the pervasive use of these in the regular discourse within a speech community. Due to this, it’s very likely that Spanish-speakers may introduce errors in their speech without even knowing about it, thereby causing communication problems.

Language is the bread and butter for interpreters and translators whose working languages are Spanish and English; thus, we must be cognizant of the good or bad use of the Spanish language in our renderings. This webinar will delve into an analysis of the most prevalent wrong linguistic constructions or words. Some vices of the language to be covered in this course will be: foreign phrases or barbarism, solecism, metathesis, amphibology or ambiguity, tautology, cacophony, malapropism, neologism, and misusage or wrong choice of words.

This four-hour live webinar is taught completely in Spanish.

Course objectives

Participants will be able to

  • Identify vices of the Spanish language
  • Avoid and/or correct vices of the language
  • Analyze accepted words and expressions in Spanish to find the closest equivalent in English, if any, or decide whether it adds any meaning to keep or eliminate it.

Instructors: Lorena Pike, MA, CCI & Prof. Alfredo González, MA

Approved for 4 California CIMCE and 4 ATA CEPs.

Pending approval for Texas CE, and CCHI.

After registration, participants will receive a confirmation email with instructions to access the live webinar.