Specializing in contracts, agreements, real estate, finance, auditing, accounting, and corporate law. Certified translations and DTP translations.

Written translations Spanish/English made by experts in the subject. Focusing on law, corporate law, finance, economics, arbitrations, mediation, decrees, summons, letter rogatory…

General Subject

I specialize in law, corporate law, finance, economics, arbitrations, decrees, summons, marketing materials, taxation, scripts, and many more. Proofreading and editing may also be requested, as well as third-party review of content previously translated from English or Spanish.

Official Documents translation

Several government agencies, such as the County Recorder, some divisions in the School Districts, and several universities and academic transcripts evaluators require that official documents be translated by a Certified Court Interpreter or by a professional translator. As a court certified interpreter accredited by the Nevada Supreme court Administrative Office and the California Judicial Council, I can provide you with the right translation from Spanish and/into English for all your documents, such as:

  • Birth certificates (any Spanish-speaking country)
  • Marriage certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Divorce decrees
  • Academic transcripts (High School, College, and Graduate levels)

DTP Translations

Does your company create marketing, informational and advertising materials in Desktop Publishing (DTP)?

Many companies are in need of getting their pamphlets, brochures, data sheets and other materials across a diverse client base, and they have found it is worthwhile. I can recreate the original publication into a fully translated one, either in Spanish or English.

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