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The Linguist

About Me

Lorena Pike is a court interpreter (NV & CA) and A legal translator. regular speaker at national conferences such as NAJIT and ATA. She holds an accounting degree and a Master of Arts in Translation and Latin American Culture. Lorena is an adjunct faculty member for UCLA Extension and UCSD Extended Studies T&I programs and is a staff interpreter for the Superior Court of California.


T&I Courses

Full Compliance

Our comprehensive continuing education courses are designed to provide you with the tools, insights, and expertise necessary to navigate the complexities of legal interpretation effectively.

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Spanish/English Translation

Learn translation theory and apply it on all your translations! This course will cover different “genres” of translation to equip you with the skills to properly convey your source message into the target language.

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Sight Translation and Consecutive Interpreting

An immersive eight-module workshop, bridging English and Spanish, mastering theory, consecutive interpreting, and note-taking. Hone sight translation skills across social services, legal, and medical realms.

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