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Legal & Administrative Translation (English/Spanish)


This four-week workshop is targeted to translators wishing to have a better understanding of legal documents translation from and into English/Spanish. Emphasis will be placed on Spanish for Mexico and Spain and English for the US.


Participants will learn (i) the differences between common law and civil law, the difference in Spanish-speaking and English-speaking countries legal systems, (ii) the proper Spanish/English translation of difficult concepts, (iii) how to avoid the use of false cognates and semantic calques, and (iv) how to compensate for English and Spanish terminology not used in contracts geared for the target audience.

The workshop is divided into two sections:

1. Conceptual Framework (1 module)
1.1. Comparison of legal contracts structures in Spanish and English, which will cover the differences between both languages;
1.2. Civil Law contracts vs. Common Law contracts
1.3. A brief analysis of difficult jargon in English and Spanish and the correct/equivalent translation in the target language; and
1.4. Linguistic explanation of common false cognates used in Spanish translations.

2. Hands on Translation (3 modules)
2.1. Instructor guided translation of the following type of contracts will be addressed:
2.1.1. Translation of boilerplate sections included in most business law contracts
2.1.2. Non Disclosure Agreement (Proprietary Information)
2.1.3. Software License Agreement
2.1.4. Purchase Agreement
2.1.5. Severance Agreement
2.1.6. Rental Agreement
2.1.7. Release Agreement
2.1.8. Service Agreement
2.1.9. Academic Transcripts and Diplomas
2.1.10. Vital Records documents (birth, death)
2.1.11. Wills and Last testaments
2.1.12. Power of Attorney

Translation activities will be individual and instrutor will provide feedback.
Participants will have access to online platform to submit translation practice and ask instryctor questions on translation proper, grammar, ethics, etc.

ATA and NV, CA is pending.

  • July-August Session
     July 7, 2024 - August 4, 2024
     9:00 am - 12:00 pm
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