Interpreter Training

Well-known speaker/presenter at regional and national conferences, with extensive training experience in community & court interpreting, cultural competence, and specialized terminology.


Specializing in contracts, agreements, real estate, finance, auditing, accounting, and corporate law. Certified translations and DTP translations.

Conference Interpreting

Interpreting in consecutive and simultaneous modes for every type of setting and event. Striving to perform with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality.


Video and audio recordings to be presented as evidence, following NAJIT’s general guidelines and minimum requirements for transcript translation in any legal setting.

Language Tutoring

Small-group Spanish tutoring classes geared for corporations and businesses who wish to enhance communication within their organization and expand their business to the Hispanic world.

Web Design & Localization

Using the latest trends in website design and training clients to do self-maintenance. Adaptation of fully designed websites into the language and culture of an specific country.

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